All Ferraris will have ‘Hybrid Elements’ by 2019

Ferrari GTC4Lusso
Ferrari GTC4Lusso

Ferrari CEO Sergio Marchionne thinks that the Italian exotic performance car maker should focus on hybrid technology to help boost sales.
Marchionne told Automotive News that by 2019, every Ferrari sold will have some kind of hybrid element in it.

Marchionne wants Ferrari to become a brand than can move over 10,000 vehicles per year and hybrids are a key part of that strategy. In order for Ferrari to sell so many cars, it must improve on its fuel economy and emissions output to meet strict government standards.

By 2019, Ferrari plans to ship 9,000 vehicles, though the push past 10,000 could take until 2025, as selling more than 10,000 vehicles a year pushes the brand into a different regulations bracket.

Like most supercar makers today, Marchionne promises that the new electrical elements will “yield additional performance.” The CEO also wants Ferrari to build cars that appeal to a larger demographic, like the GTC4Lusso, a four-seater with a smaller turbocharged V8.

Discovered in a patent filing, Ferrari is already developing a hybrid platform which will allow multiple different vehicles to be based on it.




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