All New Hyundai Creta Charts New Course in Modern SUV

All-new Hyundai Creta
All-new Hyundai Creta

Hyundai Motors Nigeria has introduced Creta SUV, a new product line from the Korean automaker’s sport utility vehicle stable. The car will cater for a teeming market segment of young couples, emerging business owners and upwardly mobile executives, the Hyundai brand custodian affirmed.
Built to deliver fun and excitement in everyday motoring, Hyundai is pitching the Creta against notable rivals like Ford Ecosport, Renault Duster, Peugeot 2008, Chevrolet Trax and Nissan Juke but hopeful it would be a blockbuster in the compact SUV segment.
Hyundai had developed the Creta with sturdy suspensions to ride effortlessly on bad terrains and soak up bumps without sacrificing comfort and agility.

Although the Creta is novel in concept, the car is powered by four-cylinder GAMMA 1.6Litre engine with 159cc, delivering 121.3bhp @ 6,400rpm and 151Nm of torque mated to a six-speed automatic transmission.

Prospective customers may have nothing to worry as the new Creta which draws its name from the 5th largest island in the Mediterranean – Crete (creative) isn’t entirely outlandish, having shared basic platform with Hyundai i20. The Creta is currently sold in China as iX25.
The Creta is elegant, sturdy and spacious with inspiringly built cabin packed with equipment and proper SUV proposition. The rear seat for instance gets armrest which has two cup holders.

A cursory look at the Creta casts an image of a diminutive Santa Fe with all the trappings of opulence at the price of a family sedan – thanks to a design that is inspired by the larger Santa Fe.
Also remarkably outstanding are Creta’s tremendously light steering, smooth changing gears and swift response to acceleration which make driving in busy traffic a painless experience.

Surprisingly too, Creta doesn’t tremble in fear at the sight of curves rather it sticks to its ‘Live Brilliant’ attribute and steer perfectly well to get you where you desire to be.

Hyundai Motors Nigeria Head of Sales and Marketing Jatin Nadkarni who said this much in the product presentation explained that Creta’s design proportions and good looks are in line with Hyundai Fluidic Sculpture 2.0 design language seen on the i20. “These elements draw attention to its bold and imposing chrome-grilled imbued with LEDs that aren’t daytime running lights,” he said.

The waistline and roof rails add to its strength of design and feeling of agility with an attractive rear chrome garnish above the number plate and an elegantly finished cabin.

The cabin not only offers comfortable seats and a good ride height, it adds a slew of gadget to keep buyers delighted.

Available in two variants – Elegance and Evolution, Creta offers a retinue of equipment as standard including ESC (electronic stability control) that works in conjunction with a vehicle stability management programme; ABS (anti-lock brake system), Bluetooth, park assist, rear air vents, centre arm rest, side repeater lamps, dual airbag among others.
Optional equipment on Evolution are leather seats, back warning camera, console cover leather, smart key (button start) and climate control automatic air-condition.

A member of West African conglomerate Stallion Group, Hyundai Motors Nigeria said the car market may be bearish lately, but the introduction of Hyundai’s newest Creta SUV would be upbeat in the compact SUV segment where some rival brands haven’t exploited optimally.

And from whatever angle you view the Creta, it casts the image of a full-time SUV – raised stance, high roofline with roof rails, black cladding all around and gap between wheel arches with massive 205/65/16-inch alloy wheels. The dimensions are nothing short of an SUV, so Hyundai can’t be wrong when it swanked to corner a significant percentage of the compact SUV market share.

Creta’s elongated headlights and tail lamps which are archetypal of Hyundai Fluidic Sculpture design also grab attention. This is in addition to the dynamic front and distinctive side view with matching rear tail-lights.
Also noticeable is Creta’s heavy doors with exceptionally brilliant build quality that allows good visibility even in hidden corners and places that are inaccessible to the eye sight. Safety features however include two airbags with ABS and EBD.

The dashboard gets silver inserts for vents and edges to make it different and even the gearbox surrounds get the same. Space in the front and rear is also very generous in terms of the legroom, headroom, knee and shoulder room too.

The boot space is good and the seats are comfortable with intuitively positioned pedals to ease driving.
When it comes to sound quality the stereo system is OK. Bluetooth connectivity works well than other Hyundai’s and quicker to respond when demanded. There are two 12v sockets one at the front and rear.




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