BMW i5 Ready in 2020

2018 BMW i5
2018 BMW i5

[dropcap]A[/dropcap] recent patent publication in Japan may have just revealed the BMW i5.

The patent has been registered to BMW and was originally filed earlier this year in April, but was just recently published. The images reveal a vehicle that looks similar to the i3, but is sleeker and a bit longer while sporting four doors – all styling characteristics that would fit in with an i5 model.

Since last year, there have been plenty of rumors and speculation on the BMW i5 and in last December, there was a report that the German automaker was in the “final stages” of making a decision on the body style.

At the time, BMW board member for sales and marketing, Ian Robertson, said the BMW i5 would either be a lengthened version of the i3 or a traditional sedan to rival the upcoming Tesla Model 3. It is believed the BMW i5 will arrive sometime by 2020.




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