A new mobile driver-rider app, known as CarXie, is set for launch in the country.
Security of both driver and rider is the fulcrum of the app, according to the CarXie Operations Director, Chinedu Amadi, who unveiled the new product to the media in Lagos, recently.

Amadi said the CarXie app, which was developed in Nigeria in collaboration with foreign partners, would be launched at City Mall, Onikan Lagos on July 27. On the launch day, there would be a seminar on defensive driving, which is designed to enhance the driving skills of CarXie drivers and of other drivers.

He said, “CarXie, an innovative Mobile App is designed to fix your intra/intercity trips at the shortest possible notice by providing cabs that guarantee your comfort, security, safety and affordability. CarXie is born to ensure that Nigeria is a major and active player in today’s technology driven transport sector that is strategic to a smooth running economy.”

He said CarXie mobile app has been tested and that it is available in Google Play store and Apples Store, stating that it has features that answer a number of Nigerian questions – “What challenges do we face when arranging our trips? Will the cab be functional and comfortable with a courteous driver? Can the Police or VIO stop and delay the cab (your trip) for ‘particulars’? Will the trip have an almost 0% possibility of having an accident? What of the security of life and luggage? “How do we ensure that no one chances the rider in terms of costs? What of the anonymity that is aiding the hydra headed crime that is called kidnapping?”

He said the app was conceptualised with features that make car theft and kidnapping impracticable, explaining that “a rider is expected to issue his Bank Verification Number (BVN), as a means of social identification, each vehicle is automatically tracked, and voice chats are possible during rides.

The driver and vehicle verification exercises are so thorough that they yield only courteous and comfortable service. There are three tiers of supervision embedded in that CarXie offer to ensure quality and trust.”

CarXie, he said was another opportunity for Nigerians to patronise made for Nigeria goods and services; utilising international collaborations to deliver goods and services that are focused to address the needs of the Nigerian populace with reference to mobile transportation. He advised that Nigerians should download the CarXie App in any of these two categories – as a driver or cab owner, a rider or a partner.

CarXie is conceptualised to be beneficial to any category you download. CarXie Executive programme was inspired to create additional employment to the Nigerian people by opening CarXie outlets for Vehicle and Driver registrations and inspections, with the benefit of earning commissions through their services.




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