Ferrari Stuns with Surprise Debut of Exclusive New Supercar


Ferrari made a surprise debut of a new supercar to commemorate the brand’s 50th anniversary in Japan.
Only 10 Ferrari J50s will be built, with each unit being bespoke to each customer. The Ferrari J50 is a two-seat, mid-rear-engined roadster that pays homage to the targa top Ferraris of the 1970s and 1980s.

The Ferrari J50 starts life as a 488 Spider but gets churned through Ferrari’s Special Projects department to become a completely new car.

The J50 is powered by a 3.9-liter V8 and gets all-new bodywork that is both very futuristic while still having details that pay homage to the Italian brand’s past.

The most immediate differences between the Ferrari J50 and the 488 are the new LED headlights, the new carbon fiber air channels in the hood, and a completely new front bumper design.

The supercar also sits on specially designed 20-inch forged wheels. The carbon fiber targa top that can be stored behind the seats is also another dead giveaway.

Unfortunately, pricing and performance details for the Ferrari J50 have not yet been released, but you can expect they won’t disappoint.




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