Kia Provides Exceptional Service, Top-of-the-segment Cars in Nigeria

2018 Kia Quoris review of new kia quoris the power to drive with kia Towing Capacity Photo - 2018 Vehicles
2018 Kia Quoris review of new kia quoris the power to drive with kia Towing Capacity Photo - 2018 Vehicles

Kia’s trendy and superior design, quality engineering and intuitive technology has continued to outwit its competition in the world over.  As a brand that’s ever-vibrant and strives to make life richer every day, Kia has redefined the automotive technology with appealing designs and best-in-class quality model range making it a driving force in the automobile industry.

Aligning with Kia’s global trajectory in Nigeria, the company has over the years distinguished itself in the industry and hinged its business operations on providing exceptional customer service to meet the ever-increasing demands of customers. The unflinching resolve to provide outstanding offerings and exceptional after-sales service more customer-focused has always reinforced customers’ confidence in the Kia brand.

Taking a leap to strengthen its brand superiority in the country, Kia has been consistently focused on transforming its brand image, from just being a ‘value for money’ brand to one that is seen by the world’s consumers as dynamic, innovative and technologically-advanced. Its new generation of products has been conceived, designed and engineered to meet the rapidly changing market needs. The global acceptance of Kia and the brand’s affinity with its customers continues to rack up recognition from the auto industry and reel in reputable awards.

Following the stream of its international and local awards, Kia brand has carved a niche for itself in the automobile industry and belongs in the top echelon of carmakers in the world. Having been the only company that offers a 5-year warranty to its Nigerian customers, the brand’s quality and service offering is second to none. Kia has topped its competition ever increasing market share in Nigeria.

Kia’s growth in Nigeria is premised on a clear strategy for competitive pricing and its delivery of exceptional customer experiences. Through a combination of strategy, creativity, and technology to exceed its customers’ expectations, Kia Motors Nigeria has driven a remarkable growth for the brand and its acceptance in the country.

The strategic offerings of Kia coupled with innovative and world-class designs, impressive levels of safety, technology and fuel efficiency has helped the car company to sustain the brand’s momentum and remain a leading auto brand in Nigeria.

Spreading its strategic footprints and business operations in Nigeria for almost 2 decades, the company has been engaged in enhancing the brand power and improvement of the company reputation with continued efforts for innovation in product development, communication, sales, services, and other customer-related activities. Kia continues to create an end-to-end top notch service delivery to customers and provides dynamic and exciting experiences that go beyond expectations.

With the game-changing KIA model range of vehicles from the compact Picanto to its flagship premium sedan, Quoris, Kia has reinforced its dominance in the automotive technology. Having planted seeds of quality and exceptional service delivery in Nigeria, the brand has continued to flourish and is already sprouting nicely beyond the reach of its peers.




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