Lamborghini Giro Japan: on the route of the Rising Sun

Lamborghini Giro
Lamborghini Giro

Japan hosted the prestigious Lamborghini Giro for the first time this year, offering Lamborghini super sports owners a unique driving experience. Building on the success of the driving tours organized in Italy and China, the Japanese tour started from Nagoya in July and went on to Osaka and Kagawa for the second edition in August.


The spectacular convoy of super sports cars made in Sant’Agata covered over 500 km in two days. Around fifteen Lamborghinis from the Kansai region left from the ATC HALL Piloti Square in Osaka, crossed the Akashi Kaiky Bridge and stopped off at the Goshiki Wellness Park set in the Awaji Island National Park. They made a pit stop at “Yoshima PA” to enjoy the spectacular view over the Seto Inland Sea. The next day they made their first stop at Westin Awaji Island, before heading back to Osaka and reaching the tour’s final destination, the “Osaka Tenmangu”.




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