Range Rover Sport SVR Slays All-Terrain Acceleration Tests

Range Rover Sport SVR
Range Rover Sport SVR

The Range Rover Sport SVR is fast on the road, but now it has proven that it is impressively quick off-road as well.

With a 550-horsepower supercharged V8 and all-wheel drive, it’s no surprise the Range Rover Sport SVR can accelerate as fast as a sports car on pavement, but in a new video, the British automaker also validated the performance SUV’s acceleration credentials on grass, snow, mud, gravel and sand.

The first acceleration test conducted by Land Rover was on asphalt, which confirmed the SVR’s claimed zero-to-62-mph acceleration time of 4.7 seconds.

The second most demanding surface was gravel, which resulted in a 5.3-second zero-to-62-mph run. The SVR’s fastest grass acceleration test turned up a 5.5-second result, with mud taking a full second longer at 6.5 seconds. Not surprisingly, the SUV took the longest to accelerate to 62 mph on snow, coming in at a lengthy but still impressive 11.3 seconds.

Enabling the Range Rover Sport SVR’s all-terrain performance, Land Rover says, are its standard Michelin all-season tires and Terrain Response 2 traction control system. Terrain Response 2 is especially important, automatically selecting the ideal driving mode for the situation at hand and adjusting the vehicle’s settings accordingly.

The system features a “Grass, Gravel and Snow” traction setting, along with specific settings for Sand and Snow. A Dynamic setting uses the ideal performance parameters for pavement and the track.

According to Land Rover stability applications leader and test driver for the acceleration runs, Darren Jones, the Range Rover Sport SVR manages to offer good performance on the track while preserving the manufacturer’s go-anywhere ethos.

“The Range Rover Sport SVR is famed for its on-road performance, but this hasn’t been achieved at the expense of customary Land Rover capability,” Jones said.




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