Rolls-Royce machines in the ride and drive event

Rolls-Royce Machines

[tie_full_img]Rolls-Royce Machines[/tie_full_img]Rolls-Royce Elegance Meets Strength in Phantom, Ghost, Wraith.

The Rolls-Royce car carries a price tag that makes no meaning to does who buy them. What they are particular about is how it should fit their personality and this choice influences their order when they call the dealer.

There are less than 200 Rolls-Royce cars in Nigeria. Actually, the dealership- Rolls Royce Cars- that has the franchise has some Rolls-Royce cars at their showroom but these machines are not for sale. Recently, a dealership put three of them; Ghost, Wraith and the top-of-the-range Phantom on the road at the highbrow Banana Island in Ikoyi Lagos for select Journalists to feel.

The special Ride and Drive event was a time to feel the elegance and strength of these cars which flow from the calm engines. They leap elegantly at the touch of the throttle and come to instant stop when the breaks are applied.

The Rolls-Royce Phantom has a V-12 (6.75 litre) engine while the Ghost and Wraith have 6.6 litre engines. The Phantom at the Ride and Drive was Rolls-Royce Extended Blue Base, the newest in the family. It has extra leg-room and comfortable seats wrapped in leather made from the hides and skins of bulls. The Phantom has customs red interior that is very expensive, according to the Brand Manager, Rolls-Royce Cars, Mr. Tolulope Badamosi.

[highlight color=”green”]“There are 50 colours you can choose from and the floor mat is made from sheep hides and skin. The leather in one Phantom is made from hides of 12 adult bulls. Nine bulls are taken down to produce the leather in both the Wraith and Ghost. Rolls-Royce also does CSR with the meat, which they send to schools in some countries.”[/highlight]

Also, the wood used in the car, called the veneer is from elm to oak clusters and cedar- over 50 types of veneer. “After taking off the back of the wood to process the veneer, the remains are sent to school as well for their artwork. So, Rolls-Royce is actually involved in arts and annually they advice all dealerships to stage an art exhibition locally.”

The Rolls-Royce monogram remains upright while the wheel rotates and it is the only car in the world that displays like this. The manufacturer’s slogan is perfection. The cars at the event are tropicalised and have eight airbags on the dash board, the rear and sides.

Production of the Rolls-Royce car takes from four to six months and there is a timeline set for the person ordering to confirm the features he or she wants.

There are collectors in Nigeria, he said and that these are their biggest customers. After-sales is handed at their facility in Lekki where specialists from the manufacturers come into the country to do regular maintenance and some are stationed at their facility.

On who enjoys the car more between the driver and the passenger, he said “It depends on the model; for a Rolls-Royce customer that is a driver, who loves to drive, will drive a Wraith; for a customer who wants to drive to work, he or she will drive a Ghost and a Rolls-Royces customer that always wants to be chauffeur driven and appear very stately at events, will ride in a Phantom.





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