Serata Italiana Lamborghini Gala 2015

The 2nd annual Serata Italiana Lamborghini club meeting took place back in August during the Monterey Car Week in presence of some high-profile guests including Lambo’s CEO Stephan Winkelmann and legendary test driver Valentino Balboni. So although it might be a bit late, but you are still going to enjoy looking at a bunch of really cool Lamborghinis.


The exclusive, members-only Serata Italiana 2015, sponsored by Lamborghini San Francisco, brought together an amazing group of Lamborghinis, from vintage models, to the latest production versions of the Aventador and Huracan, even the Estoque concept. The vent also included some fine wining and dining, worthy of its distinguished guests, with oyster and champagne flowing all around. So yes, if you always wondered how awesome owning a Lamborghini really is, the answer is VERY!

So you may never get to go to one of these meetings, but nothing’s stopping you from having good time browsing the gallery:

Serata-Italiana-2015-0 Serata-Italiana-2015-0-600x364 Serata-Italiana-2015-1 Serata-Italiana-2015-3 Serata-Italiana-2015-4 Serata-Italiana-2015-5 Serata-Italiana-2015-6 Serata-Italiana-2015-7 Serata-Italiana-2015-8 Serata-Italiana-2015-9 Serata-Italiana-2015-10 Serata-Italiana-2015-11 Serata-Italiana-2015-12 Serata-Italiana-2015-13 Serata-Italiana-2015-14 Serata-Italiana-2015-15 Serata-Italiana-2015-16 Serata-Italiana-2015-17 Serata-Italiana-2015-18 Serata-Italiana-2015-19 Serata-Italiana-2015-20 Serata-Italiana-2015-21 Serata-Italiana-2015-22 Serata-Italiana-2015-23 Serata-Italiana-2015-24 Serata-Italiana-2015-25 Serata-Italiana-2015-26 Serata-Italiana-2015-27 Serata-Italiana-2015-28 Serata-Italiana-2015-29 Serata-Italiana-2015-30 Serata-Italiana-2015-31 Serata-Italiana-2015-32 Serata-Italiana-2015-33




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