Toyota ‘Coaster’ Undergoes Model Change After 24 Years

Toyota Coaster
Remodeled Toyota Coaster

Toyota Motor Corporation will launch the completely redesigned Toyota Coaster at Toyota dealers (Osaka Toyopet dealers in the Osaka region) nationwide across Japan on January 23, 2017.

Toyota Coaster is a popular commercial vehicle in Nigeria but it is not certain yet when the remodeled version will get to the country.

The Coaster was first launched as the “Light Bus” in 1963, in response to increased demand for a minibus that could approximately seat 25 passengers comfortably. In 1969, the vehicle underwent a partial redesign and was later renamed Coaster―a name which it has continued to use for over the past 50 years.

The Coaster supports the movement of people around the world. At present, it is for sale in over 110 countries and regions, and total sales have now exceeded 550,000 vehicles. The Coaster is also regularly seen in Japan, where it is used in a variety of situations including the transportation of passengers to and from restaurants, hotels, and kindergartens1.

The current, third-generation Coaster was launched in 1993. While this model has received praise for its outstanding reliability, there have been growing calls for a new design that incorporates the full safety features package.

In addition, since the revitalization of the tourism industry is expected to lead to increased demand for minibuses, Toyota has aimed to develop a vehicle that will be cherished and ridden for many years to come.

This complete redesign marks a significant evolution from the current model, and features a full range of safety functions, improved comfort, outstanding reliability, and a design appropriate for a new generation of minibuses.

The Coaster is the first vehicle to undergo a complete redesign under the supervision of the CV Company, which was established in April this year to carry out the development of commercial vehicles from the planning to production stages.

The CV Company is an in-house company that oversees the development of vehicles that continue to support the lifestyles of people from various regions around the world. Going forward, the company will continue to engage in the creation of ever-better commercial vehicles.




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